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SEO and Common Sense

When it comes down to it search engines, visitors and business or personal website owners all want the same thing from the Internet. They all want the most interesting and relevant website links to appear when they search on any search engine or directory. This is why all SEO, no matter how cutting-edge or clever must be tempered by an intelligent degree of common sense.
Maybe you or a knowledgeable and tricky SEO company can make your shoe store website come up toward the top of the first page of search results for vitamins. But why? The visitor will just click away from the site as quickly as possible wondering what happened. If you have a website that is only designed to send the user to other affiliate or Adsense links and the site does not really offer anything of interest then you will have to resort to whatever SEO tricks you possibly can to get the search engines to rank your site well. However, as more quality sites appear on the net with pages relevant to all search phrases these sites will climb the ranks due to lots of great content, longevity, relevancy and links. Most businesses and professionals are looking to the Internet as a way of letting their potential public know of their existence and what they have to offer. It is more possible than you would think to rank well for your appropriate niche' keywords and get the right, qualified public to your website. Many years ago when I was just beginning to get involved in search engine optimization I read a short article about SEO that is as true today as it was eight or nine years ago. The writer said that the single most important part of optimizing your site and getting it ranking well in the search engines is content. Write one new page of content for your site every day and your website will climb the ranks. This is not the only important part of optimization but it is, in essence, the most valuable one. With no interesting content your website becomes as interesting as an empty warehouse or library with no books. But with content your site becomes a treasure chest for the visitor. Content is not only pages of text. It can include a shopping cart filled with products and product descriptions. It can include downloadable gadgets and gimmicks. You can add jokes, anecdotes, and stories of success using your products. As long at it is relevant to your business and website it counts. Another important aspect of is to tell others about your great content. Other non-competing websites will want to link to good, original content. This creates links going to your site and each relevant link is considered a "vote" for your site. Good quality relevant links tell the search engine ranking software that your site is important and valuable. With knowledge of these simple techniques and a little information about how the search engines find, catalog and rank websites you'll be ready to go. After that all it takes is time and conscientious effort. If you don't have the time or interest to do the steps of search engine optimization this is when you should hire an outside company.
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